Choosing the right dog.

Before you buy or adopt a dog, there are a lot of things to think about. For it´s indeed a life that is 100% dependent on you.

I won’t write all the obvious things you should think about, because I expect you already thought of them.

But what I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about lately, is what breed of dog you choose for your lifestyle. I write «breed», although I know there are many great mixed breeds out there too! I did not choose the Golden Retriever because I think it’s the most beautiful breed (don´t tell Henri!). First and foremost I chose the Golden Retrivever because it fits my lifestyle. Also it’s the first dog that I own myself, and I was not ready for a challenging breed that would require more than I would be able to give it.

Sadly I have seen (and heard about) too many people who have acquired a dog, and after a while had to give it away because «it was too much work…». Remember, this is a life that will be by your side for 10-15 years! Moving from one home to another can be very stressful for a dog. Luckily most dogs adapt very well – but then again, there are some who won’t.

Henri & me by: Greg Murray

So please do not go for the first puppy you see, consider it carefully and read all about the breed(s) you are considering. Whether it is a pure or mixed breed.

I have little experience in the dog shelter and rescue world. Mostly because it is not as common here in Norway as it is in other countries. Wherever you get your dog from, make sure it is from a serious breeder or shelter. They will then be able to tell you lots of useful info about the dog, etc.

We can probably all agree the world is clearly a better place with dogs, provided we give them good life!

In Dog we trust!


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